And tonight I wrap up the article I’m writing (on ethical child trust funds if anyone’s interested) and my thoughts turn lightly to Greenbelt. Camping for the first time with crouton is a little daunting. We have bought her the cutest mummy-style sleeping bag, and she is used to travelling, but frankly I think camping would have been easier while she was still breastfeeding and also less likely to toddle off. If you see a small child in a spotty mac and daisy DMs, who looks unfeasibly small to be trotting around at such speed, please return her to her mummy. I am considering reins.

On the other hand, it all looks very exciting. I got sent the diary by the press office bods, but can’t seem to print it out. Obviously I want to go to everything, but I think we will be a bit circumscribed by small one, unless she decides to nap in her buggy a lot (not blooming likely!). But I am very excited and will see you all at Wibmeet… and no doubt all over the site as well

Lots of love


hello again

a suitably lower-case reentry into the world of wib. I’m back.. and i’ve missed you all

this year has been one amazing ride. Baby crouton is now toddler crouton, with her own inimitable (and determined) style of doing everything, and we have sold the flat, bought a house, spent lots of time in Mexico, learnt Spanish and a bit of Tzotzil and had an altogether enviable time.

Today, I start work once more… but only four days a week.

i’ve still been reading, and on many occasions praying, and hope you’ll still allow me to come and say hello at Greenbelt to those who attend.

Love to all



No, I’ve not disappeared of the face of the earth, I am here in South Mexico with mi esposa y mi hija. We are having a wonderful time and are here til Christmas.

I’m abandoning this blog for a while in favour of a less anonymous one, as the parents etc want to see pics of how it is all going. You’re all invited to join us on until Christmas, if you want to see what we’re up to, and I will be back here when we return




i cant remember how to make photo bucket work sorry. taking time out from feeding and washing to say hi and yes would be lovely to see people at greenbelt – but I can’t get onto the forum (apparently I’m banned? Have I done something terrible?) to say so. If someon reads this can they alert Dave to this fact…he has my mobile number I think.

All going well with us – Daisy still adorable, but I am a little sleep deprived. Looking forward to GB but we are not camping this year, wusses that we are.


hope this will work

This is us as a new family, including baby fishsoup, whose real name is Daisy Grace. She’s beautiful and truly is “fearfully and wonderfully made”. She is fast asleep on daddy at the moment and has been behaving wonderfully MOST of the time. We feel very blessed. Thanks for all your good wishes

Fishmum x

small fry

baby fishsoup- laidback like her daddy, turned up on tuesday after having to be practically begged out by the lovely staff at kings. she is adorable and was seven pounds. we’re all home now and trying to get the hang of each other.

maternity leave

I guess I now have no excuse not to post since I’ve been at home for weeks and still no baby. Maternity leave is a wonderful thing. I’ve slept a lot, made a lot of lasagne and had lunch with lots of people. Being able to sleep in the day has given me the energy to go out in the evenings so my social life has also revived temporarily.
All that is about to change. I’m due on Tuesday – eek – but I suspect this little one will hang around for a while.
Meanwhile I have been disturbed by the buying orgy that seems to go with having a baby. I have been relatively strong and tried not to buy things we don’t need – but did catch myself hormonally sobbing because we had a second-hand buggy for our lovely baby rather than a bugaboo like all the other people at NCT. The baby will be fine in the buggy, which folds up beautifully small and is in very very good nick – and in the end I bought it a new lambskin to line it with as a compromise, which made me feel much less mean. Everything else is now as ready as it can be before little one arrives I think.
we’ve had one scare when I was sent to hospital because the midwife was worried about “accelerations” on the baby’s heartbeat. After two trips to the Maternal Assessment Unit at Kings (quite a fraught place- two pregnant women nearly came to blows over the last chair at one point), the midwives and doctors concluded that our baby is just “very, very busy and active” – which does not bpde well for the calm sleepy angel I was hoping for!
Now we just wait. I guess… and keep very very busy so we don’t get impatient. Anyone want a lasagne?

Counting the days

I have six more working days before I go on maternity leave, which is daunting and pleasing in equal measure. I’ve worked solidly for newspapers and magazines (sometimes holding more than one job at a time) since I left uni in 1998 (showing my age). It’s terrifying to think I suddenly won’t be working. Can’t imagine defining myself as a “mum” rather than as a journalist. Guess I should really just be defining myself as a person created by God and be done with it, but it’s quite hard to do that.

Being me, of course I’ve not really managed to sever links with working completely. I shall still have some freelance to do before the baby arrives, and possibly even after. Still, I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time with the sofa, my bed, and all the bags I need to pack, shopping etc before the little one arrives.

Slightly distraught to read in the Times this morning that our child has been feeling all the stress I have since I was four months pregnant. Can I sue the paper if he/she turns out to be a delinquent?

Lazy blogger

It’s been a while, sorry. All is fine with us and the bump – we’ve been to France with friends which was lovely, and now have (argh) six weeks til the baby is due to turn up.
I’m looking forward to finishing work in just over two weeks!

wish I had something more exciting to report really. Went to the King’s College breastfeeding workshop yesterday. It was oddly brilliant, but I had no idea it was all so complicated. Also i am not very good at correctly positioning plastic dolls. Something tells me a real baby is going to be much more difficult as well!

Lots to learn

Spent some time at the weekend sorting out teeny tiny babyclothes people have given us to work out which we need now and which we can lend to other people until ours grows up. Also of course, the small problem that we don’t yet know the gender of baby fishsoup (maybe I should call it crouton?) and most of them are very much boys clothes.
So, what are the tiny cotton mittens for? And what is the difference between 0-3 months and newborn? And why do we need both? And won’t the baby be terribly hot in babygros AND a vest in July? And why do baby clothes say such weird things on them (one of them says “cows are black and white” all over it – who thought that was a great sentiment for a baby?)
Also spent some time trying out the (very hippy) baby sling we have ordered- which comes with an amusing DVD. So my apologies to anyone who walked past our flat on Saturday and wondered why we were trying to fit a Zippy hot waterbottle cover into a baby sling. We were just practising and the cat wouldn’t stay still enough.